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Today's cell phones are not only devices used for making phone calls, these are multifunctional devices for entertainment and work, which allow for using functions that not so long ago were designed only for personal computers. We occupy ourselves with a comprehensive implementation of mobile applications, starting with helping with developing concepts, through programming and ending with their implementation. We specialize in mobile applications for iOS (Iphone and Ipad) and Adroid platforms. If you are interested in creating a mobile application, please contact us.

What are mobile applications?

Applications for mobile devices are currently the fastest growing sector of the IT branch. Due to the rapidly growing popularity and availability of devices - smartphones. Systematically growing number of mobile Internet users makes the market turn towards the mobile customer, who thanks to applications, is not only able to entertain himself, but also to obtain information important for him. Development dynamics of the mobile market made it possible for companies to combine innovation of solutions with simplicity of usage and thereby to provide customers with entertainment, information and tools. Due to the fact that mobile applications sector continues to broaden its horizons, companies are not only able to gain advantages in the field of marketing, but also to make real profits from providing their customers with tools.



iPad together with its younger brother iPad mini are devices which replaced netbook computers. iPad has full interaction with other Apple devices, it is a great source of entertainment, and first of all, information.


iPhone is a flagship product of Apple, despite the fact that its history dates just back to 2007. Currently, of primary importance is its 5th version, released at the end of 2012. iPhone is based on the iOS system. iPhone is, first and foremost, a device for which there is a huge number of applications designed, all of which are available in appStore.


Android is an operating system, used among others, by brands such as Sony, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Toshiba. Android is currently the most popular system installed on mobile devices, which results in the biggest number of free applications being designed just for Android.


In our applications we apply verified solutions, using among others:


Geolocation allows for determining the geographical location of the cell phone user, thanks to installed GPS module or through the Internet. Owing to that it is possible to provide the customer with solutions, which apply directly to his location, for example premise search.


Augmented reality is a portal connecting the real world with the virtual one. By using cameras installed in cell phones, virtual content on the screen of the mobile device (cell phone or pad) interacts with surrounding reality.

Facebook Connect

Connection with the most popular social network, which for sure, Facebook is, allows for sharing one's doings within the application with friends but also for sharing reviews or opinions. What is even more important, it helps in propagating popularity of the application.

What is a cell phone of the XXI century for you? For us it is a unique technology, a breakthrough, bringing technology even closer to humans.

Model of Co-operation

  • Assistance in creating a concept we advise and help establish the final vision of the project.
  • Compilation of interfaces and means of communication with outer applications/servers. From the prototype of an application, to the ready-made graphic design.
  • We program basing on readymade materials.
  • We test the application, we implement changes.
  • We publish the application on App Store or Google Play.


our experience allows us to create applications for Android, as well as, for iPhone and iPad.
Below, we present three projects designed lately:

Hell Restaurant

Hell Restaurant is a platform game, available for playing on iPad. In the course of the game we embody into one of two heroes who will have to complete special tasks in restaurants all over the world.

Altogether there are over 200 levels in the game. The game has got implemented payment methods within the application and is integrated with Game Center.

This is an ongoing project.
Click to see the screenshots.


Internet and mobile platform for taxi corporations and their clients, allowing the customers to order a taxi to the chosen location based on GPS coordinates, a given address or a photo.

For corporations there is a special control panel created to manage the courses and vehicle fleet.

This is an ongoing project.
Click to see the screenshots.

A mobile guide through cuisines of the world, allowing to familiarize oneself with cuisine of the chosen location in the world.

Application includes the Encyclopedia module in which the user is able to learn about local food. Looking for cooking inspirations is greatly facilitated with the available photo gallery of food and culinary events.


You can write to us or call us, we will present you our offer of creating mobile applications, as well as, provide you with advice and experience.

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